Workshop Rules

1. Offensive or disruptive behavior/speech, building your own ego at the expense of others’, and biased conduct of all kinds are forbidden (homophobia, transphobia, racism, colorism, ableism, body-shaming, slut-shaming, sexism, misogyny, religious discrimination, etc.).

2. Participants are expected to read and provide constructive written and verbal feedback and praise on all work whose content warnings are not concerning to the participant. Writers will use content warnings for manuscripts with potentially triggering language and content. Feedback should focus on description, praise, and questions. Feedback should center standard elements of craft such characterization, world-building, conflict, story arc, and POV/voice. Feedback should reflect what is received from the reading, what is understood from a craft perspective, make observations, and ask questions. Feedback should not consist of evaluative statements based in opinion (likes/dislikes) or commands of what the writer should do. 

3. Video conferencing/internet etiquette is to be adhered to. If you are in a noisy environment, need to take a phone call, or have a conversation with someone in your environment, mute yourself. On-camera courtesy and etiquette is to be expected. Disruptive participants may be muted or removed by the host.

4. Participants should be available and able to meet via Zoom on the date and time specified. If something comes up, simply inform the host and I will arrange for your feedback to be shared (in digitally written form) with the writer.

5. To encourage a community of gift giving and centering the work, the writer will mute themselves and turn off their camera while being workshopped. When referencing the writer during description, praise, and questioning, participants will refer to the writer as “the writer/author” and not by name so as to not distract or compel the writer to feel a need to react.

6. Writers are to submit an 8-20 page double spaced manuscript by the RSVP deadline. Multi-genre manuscripts are welcome. Each writer’s manuscript will be workshopped for 15-30 minutes or as time allows for the number of writers. Writers are encouraged to watermark their work to ensure it will be protected.

7. All work will be treated as fiction.